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Outdoor Car Cover. Three Aircraft Cockpit Covers. tractor cover Tailored Caravan Cover. covered boxes

Cover Systems has now been manufacturing a range of Outdoor and In-Garage vehicle covers for over 27 years. You can see from the list on the left how our original product lines of covers for Cars and Motorbikes have been added to over the years.

Outdoor Car Cover.

We now have 23 years experience in manufacturing tailor-made covers for Caravans and Motorhomes and various sizes of Folding Garage.

Tailored Caravan Cover.

A further addition to the product range was a full car Hard Top protection system and about 15 years ago, Outdoor and In-Hangar covers for Aircraft.

Three Aircraft Cockpit Covers.

Then came piano covers, and cratch covers for narrow boats. All the time not forgetting our mobility scooter covers, mower & garden tractor covers, farm tractor covers, and our latest addition bicycle covers

tractor cover tractor cover

Any of the above make excellent Birthday and Christmas presents for that special person in your life.

For the worlds of commerce and industry we will manufacture equipment covers to your already existing designs, or assist in the new-design process based on your requirements.

covered stacks

All our products are guaranteed indefinitely against defective materials and workmanship.

ALL our products are our own design

We make all our products (except metal parts) ourselves, in one or other of our two factories

This (below) is our building, factory number 1 (yes, we know there's a man on the roof, he's been there for some while !)

followed by a shot of a small area of activity inside.

and finally the boss trying to kid us he can sew (better not get anything he made !).

our factory building inside the sewing room male sewing

Rumour has it that the guy "in charge" (aka the boss or proprietor) is thinking about retirement (about time) Anybody with a sense of adventure,and provision of a suitable amount of gold or silver, might like to talk to him (he's fairly harmless).

christmas shopping sorted !
aircraft cover for Dad's Jodel
bicycle cover for youngest son
car cover for daughter's Peugeot
caravan front cover for brother's Swift
dinghy cover for eldest son's Mirror
mower cover for my uncle's Hayter
piano cover for my aunty's Chapel
tractor cover for my cousin's Massey
and finally a motorbike cover for my Yamaha !
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My cover finally collapsed after 9 years of use. The price has not changed! - Mary of Northampton
I ordered a cover yesterday. It arrived this morning. - Bill of Sittingbourne
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