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In-Hangar aircraft cockpit cover. In-Hangar aircraft cockpit cover.

Please note that the photo on the right, taken outdoors by a customer at a show is, nevertheless, an In-Hangar cover.

In-Hangar aircraft covers offer protection from bird droppings, knocks and spills, and are 100% dustproof. The aircraft cover that is suitable for continuous inside use.

Some cockpit/cowling covers from stock, other covers we make to order.

Our In-Hangar aircraft covers are machine washable and dry quickly. They have double stitched hems and include underneath straps. Slots are included to allow for aerials and other protrusions.

All our In-Hangar aircraft covers are supplied with a holdall.

In-Hangar cockpit/cowling covers generally weigh no more than 1.5 kg

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In-Hangar aircraft cockpit cover.
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Robin DR300

Fully tailored cabin/cowling cover

As new

Special Offer price £133.00

Full price £165.00


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