We use PayPal because it provides a high level of security, and your details are not entered on our website. If you prefer not to use PayPal, we provide the following alternatives:

You can order and pay by email with debit/credit card; for security type 2 or more of the numbers in text (example: four07three). We need the 16 digit number + expiry date + security code (extra 3 numbers on the back). Email to sales@cover-systems.co.uk. Please include your phone number

Or by bank transfer to sort code 20-45-77 account 3033 4073.

Or of course by phone (top right corner or for all contact info. click on "contact us" at the foot of this page); if outside the UK just be aware of any time difference, you can also see UK time at "contact us".

Or finally a cheque (made out to Cover Systems) by post, address on "contact us".

We will also accept gold bars and diamonds, top quality only of course !