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We keep various webbings, flat elastics, buckles, cord, hook & loop (Velcro), tape.

Please ask.

We also sell our offcuts which are too small**, or simply the wrong shape, for us to be able to make use of them. Bit of a "pot luck" what you get, although we will only supply useable pieces.

** remember we make big items, so offcuts that are too small for us can still be a decent size.

Click on the fabric type below to Buy Now.
Offcut Type Price per kg Price per lb
Nylon woven textile As low as £5.00 As low as £2.25
Brushed nylon textile with foam laminated As low as £5.00 As low as £2.25
Polyester wadding As low as £5.00 As low as £2.25
Polyester textile As low as £5.00 As low as £2.25
Polyethylene As low as £5.00 As low as £2.25
PVC As low as £5.00 As low as £2.25

DEFINITION OF TERMS (click to show/hide definitions)

Denier (or D) can be roughly defined as the diameter (thickness) of the thread used to weave the textile, and this approximation is acceptable for everyday use.

A textile can be defined as a fabric or cloth created by either weaving or knitting (also crocheting & felting) with a thread, fibre or yarn.

Breathability is about water vapour evaporation, not breathing ! For a technical definition go to the BSI (British Standards Institute) website; our textiles comply with BS3424 (water vapour permeability).

We also use two plastic materials, for which thickness is defined in microns. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimetre; for comparison, a human hair is about 100 microns. For true English we also show the approximate 1/1000th of an inch equivalent !

These plastics are 100% waterproof (ie completely impervious to water) and therefore not breathable.

Nylon woven textile - Brushed nylon textile with foam laminated - Polyester wadding
Polyester textile - PVC - Polyethylene - Accessories & Offcuts
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