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Fine-ish weave 250 & 300 denier textiles.

We use these in two varieties: aluminised finish and coloured.

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Aluminised finish

Polyester Silver.

300D has a polyurethane proofing on one face (usually outer) incorporating the aluminised finish. This makes it look “silvery”, although not like a mirror or aluminium foil, think more like a silver coloured car. The polyurethane provides around 90% waterproofing, yet does not cause it to loose its breathability characteristic.

The other face (usually the inner side, although it can be used for the outer face) is black.

Superb for outside use; the aluminised finish doing its best to get rid of the UV before it causes damage, by reflecting it away. Also acts as a heat reflector. On the other hand can be used indoors for all sorts of creations; for example, we’ve made our own window roller blinds, aluminised face outwards, to reflect unwanted summer heat.

We use this textile mostly for our Outdoor vehicle covers.

Available off the roll in a width of 5 feet/1.5 metre. Minimum 1 foot/300mm.

Request a sample.


Available as 250D having a polyurethane proofing on one face. The polyurethane provides around 90% waterproofing, yet does not cause it to loose its breathability characteristic

Can be used Outdoors and inside. We put these two textiles to a variety of uses, usually along with 300D aluminised to create a two-tone cover; including Outdoor farm tractor, garden furniture, mobility scooter, motorbike & ride-on mower covers. The folding garage covers are made solely with the olive green fabric. And one of the fabric choices for our dinghy covers is the burgundy fabric.

So these should offer plenty of ideas as to how you can use these fabrics.

Available off the roll in a width of 5 feet/1.5 metre, in a choice of the 2 colours. Minimum 1 foot/300mm.

Request colour samples.

Polyester Red Polyester Green.
DEFINITION OF TERMS (click to show/hide definitions)

Denier (or D) can be roughly defined as the diameter (thickness) of the thread used to weave the textile, and this approximation is acceptable for everyday use.

A textile can be defined as a fabric or cloth created by either weaving or knitting (also crocheting & felting) with a thread, fibre or yarn.

Breathability is about water vapour evaporation, not breathing ! For a technical definition go to the BSI (British Standards Institute) website; our textiles comply with BS3424 (water vapour permeability).

We also use two plastic materials, for which thickness is defined in microns. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimetre; for comparison, a human hair is about 100 microns. For true English we also show the approximate 1/1000th of an inch equivalent !

These plastics are 100% waterproof (ie completely impervious to water) and therefore not breathable.

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