CAR COVERS. OUTDOOR AND IN-GARAGE; and all the other items listed above

In-Garage and Outdoor car covers for ANY PERIOD of car. Veteran, vintage, classic and modern, racing cars also fitted. Outdoor and In-Garage car covers are also known as car bags, and dust sheets or tarpaulins.

Outdoor full size protective car cover
Outdoor full size car covers
Top car cover, protection from sun and frost.
Outdoor top-only covers
matching wheel cover.
Matching Wheel Covers
In-Garage full size protective car cover
In-Garage full size car covers
Under-Cover - complete waterproofing technique.
car wing cover, a workshop item.
Car Wing Covers
car all round engine bay shroud, a workshop item.
All-round engine bay shroud
(wing covers big brother !)
car footwell mat.
Car Footwell Mats
car front seat cover.
Front Seat Covers
car steering wheel cover. Steering Wheel Covers Temporary disposable car cover.
Temporary Disposable

Outdoor car covers offer protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, ultra-violet radiation, hot sunshine. The Outdoor car cover also offers a very effective theft deterrent and is suitable for continuous all year round use.

In-Garage car covers offer protection from knocks and spills, dust, cats. The In-Garage cover is easily washed and is suitable for continuous use on the car.

Our Outdoor Car Top Covers are a quick 'on and off' choice for both winter and summer use.

By using an Under Cover it is possible to increase the waterproofing without losing the breathability of our Outdoor covers.

Want to ship a car by sea, have to park near a building site, and so on, we have the perfect Temporary Cover for you.

All our car covers are supplied with a holdall, except for the temporary/disposable and Under covers.

You might also be interested in our Workshop Items if you work on your own car.


Unfortunately it is not economical for us to keep in stock ready-made car covers manufactured with all the varieties of fabrics available, and all offered in a range of colours. And anyway we see drawbacks in all the alternative fabrics.

Therefore we selected a limited number of materials that we think do the job best, separately outdoors and inside. And with only limited colour choice, so minimising the quantity we have to keep in stock and therefore our own cost-effectiveness.

We know these do the job very well; we have many repeat customers, businesses and personal. And we test and use them ourselves !

However, we do make covers in other materials and/or other colours made-to-order.

Of course our aluminised finish (silvery look) Outdoor covers cannot be coloured, otherwise you lose the anti-uv benefit of the aluminised finish. On the other hand you can have our silky finish In-Garage material in a choice of 3 different colours from stock.

No matter whether we agree or disagree, we are not gospel so we will gladly make anything for you. Please ask or use our general enquiry form. You can read about our choices here for Outdoor use, and here for Inside use.

You may well already know what you want; if not here are some ideas for you which you can compare with our choices (alphabetical order): acrylic canvas, Agora, cotton, cotton/polyester, pvc, Sunbrella, Technalon (also known as Evolution).

And finally, maybe he should've bought a decent cover (it's black garden polythene, by the way) !

black polythene car cover

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