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Any numbers in brackets [for example (78/85) or -8] are the years of that car we have a pattern for [shown only when needed to distinguish between different models with the same name].

Easily placed on the car in seconds. Designed for use in both winter and summer conditions.

Car Top Cover.

Outdoor Car Covers - TOP

Available for a full range of modern cars (mostly, after 1960), they feature easy to use straps for attachment.

Frost-free windows in the winter, certainly not quite so hot inside in the summer (you can definitely touch the steering wheel !). Designed to be quick and easy to use.

Most of our Top Covers for convertibles are bespoke designed and tailor-made for each specific car.

Others, at a lower price, are a generic fit (which means a good fit whilst it may also fit other cars).

All our Car Top Covers are supplied with a holdall.

Car Top Cover.

Outdoor Car Covers - TOP, with zipped rear openings

Zips at rear allow rear door (hatchback or estate) to be opened with cover in place.

Car Top Cover.

Particularly suitable for leaving a dog in your car. The pictures above show optional extra drape.

Our Outdoor Car Top Cover range is usually supplied from stock held in our own warehouse and is usually despatched within 2 working days.

Car Top Cover in the snow.

The prices quoted on our website include VAT and free UK mainland delivery. Delivery of some heavy or bulky items to NI, Islands and other remote parts of the UK may incur extra delivery charges.

Technical Information

The Outdoor Car Top Covers are made from a 300D* woven textile, proofed with an aluminised finish to reflect ultra-violet sunlight and heat. We control the specification of the proofing to ensure 90% water proofing without losing the breathability.

Car Top Cover.

We have not found any fabric/material that achieves the Holy Grail of 100% waterproof (that is totally impervious to water) yet is breathable. It seems to us that this is a contradiction; you can have one or the other, not both. True, there are fabrics that supposedly achieve this when used as outer clothing (e.g. Gore-Tex). The catch is that the breathability is forced by the warmth of the body wearing it; rather difficult with a vehicle cover!

Car Top Cover.

We strongly believe that the fabric we use represents the best choice available for manufacturing outdoor car covers. This fabric treatment is to our specification and hence is unique to our covers.

* D=Denier, the thickness of the thread used to weave the textile.


christmas shopping sorted !
aircraft cover for Dad's Jodel
bicycle cover for youngest son
car cover for daughter's Peugeot
caravan front cover for brother's Swift
dinghy cover for eldest son's Mirror
mower cover for my uncle's Hayter
piano cover for my aunty's Chapel
tractor cover for my cousin's Massey
and finally a motorbike cover for my Yamaha !
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