To see the prices of covers for your caravan start by selecting your caravan's manufacturer.

Zips are available for tailor-made caravan covers.

ZIPS 1: door zip. A door zip in the side of your cover allows you to open the door whilst the cover remains on your caravan.

ZIPS 2: end corner. Zips can also be fitted to your tailor made cover to make it easier to put the cover on your caravan. Two at the rear corners, or two at the front corners, or all four corners

ZIPS 3: locker. A zip can also be added to your cover for locker access without needing to remove the cover.

Pockets for aerial or flue. A pocket, either circular of rectangular can be added to fit any height of caravan cover. Available only for the tailor-made caravan covers. A larger version of one of these pockets can be added to your cover if you have a roof mounted air conditioner.

Clear Panel. A clear section can be added to go over your solar panel allowing you to keep using it whilst your caravan is covered and protected.

Door Zip. Price each.£24.00
End Corner Zip. Price per pair.£48.00
Locker Zip. Price each.£24.00
Pocket. For flue, aerial etc. Price per pocket.£24.00
Pocket. For air con box.£42.00
Clear Section for Solar Panel.£42.00

Wheel covers. Designed for use on wheels on the caravan, they can also be used as a spare wheel cover, whether hidden inside the caravan or installed on the 'A' frame. Protect against dogs urinating on your wheels and tyre degradation from long term exposure to sun and water. These can be used to accessorise both tailor-made and ready-made caravan covers. If you want to find out more about our wheel covers use the link at the top of the page.


Towing Hitch cover. A simple and strong fabric cover to protect your towing hitch from the elements. To purchase a towing hitch cover find your caravan using the search box at the top of the page.

Prices quoted on our website include VAT and free UK mainland delivery.

Tailor-made Caravan Covers are made-to-order and normally supplied within 4/5 weeks of receiving your caravan data, depending on how many orders we have in hand at the time you place your order.

Separate optional extras are despatched with your caravan cover.