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Our ¾ height caravan cover offers protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, ultra-violet radiation, hot sunshine.

Slightly easier to put on than a full height cover, and lower priced.

¾ means to just below the lowest window.

A door-zip and pockets for an aerial or flue are available as optional extras.

Underneath straps and ties for your caravan manoeuvring handles.

NB The straps are not sewn to the cover, they are detachable and simply buckle to the hem on both ends. This means (a) it is easier to install the cover without these straps flapping about & (b) you lie them on the ground before parking (please try not to drive over the buckles !) so you don't have to throw them under, then they're really easy to pick up and buckle to the hem. Hooray !

All caravan covers are supplied with a storage bag.

Our full height tailor-made caravan covers now include coloured corner pockets, as shown in the picture below.

The picture shows a green front corner pocket and a red rear corner pocket with a pole inserted for lifting.

coloured pockets

    The coloured pockets will:

    Show you which end of the cover you are holding. Green for front and red for the rear end.

    Let you use a lifting pole (broom handle etc) to make installing and removing the cover much easier.

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    Caravan Covers are made to order and normally supplied within 4 weeks of receiving your caravan dimensions

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