Let's get this out of the way right away !

We cannot, and therefore do not, compete with the Chinese (Indian, Turkish, etc etc) on price. If you want 10,000+ items for peanuts go East.

However, we can compete for smaller quantities; numbers which the Chinese will not even consider.

We are a textiles sewing factory in England, so we can cut and sew pretty much anything; as you can see from the rest of our website. This includes sewing staff with experience in making work wear (which you can't see on our website, only lower down this page !).

We have all the capability and experience needed.

Do please invite us to quote.

Some industries and professions that could be interested in this type of work wear are:

    dental practices



    nursing homes

    veterinary practices

In addition to our consumer facing product lines, we have the capacity and capability to manufacture custom-made items working as a sewing sub-contractor. We will manufacture to your already existing designs, or assist in the new-design process based on your requirements.

We offer a wide range of commercial sewing services, answering your needs for regular sewing contracts, or simply occasional sewing work. Our team of machinists combine a range of experience in sewing different textiles, and other materials; creating a wide variety of shapes and sizes fulfilling a huge number of purposes. We can also weld plastic material.

Fabric products are usually there to protect one thing from something else. The exact nature of the protection relates to what you want to protect and from what ingress. Water, grit, grease, dust, oil, aggressive fluids, chemicals and so on; and how these might be directed at the equipment, products etc.

And the environment in which they will be used will have an important bearing on the choice of materials to achieve the level of protection you need.

The case studies below illustrate these points.

Of course you can buy any of our finished products, which you can find elsewhere on our website, at appropriately discounted business to business prices. Or even just the materials, specifically shown at buy our fabric , for your own manufacture, along with any consumables you might need.

We find that our commercial customers are still able to surprise us with new and inventive products for us to manufacture for them. In the past we have manufactured products from padded delivery bags for telephone kiosks to medical gowns as shown below.

Case Study One

Medical gowns (not surgical) manufactured using our customer's own choice of fabric.

Medical gown image 2 Medical gown image 3 Medical gown image 4 Medical gown image 5

Case Study Two

Chino style trousers manufactured using our customer's own choice of fabric.

Chino trouser image 2 Chino trouser image 4 Chino trouser image 6 Chino trouser image 8

Lead Times

Lead times will vary depending on how much work we have in hand (our order book) at the time you place your order; and how long your order will take to complete. Pretty obvious, and only predictable at the time !

As a general guide this could be anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks. We operate a strict first come, first served scheduling system; nobody likes queue jumping.

However, we have devised a Fast-track procedure if you are unable to wait the quoted lead time; and it does not involve queue jumping. Quite simply, we will open our factory outside normal working hours in order to complete your order urgently. Of course, there is always a down-side; Fast-track will cost you more !


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And finally, this is our building, factory number 1 (yes, we know there's a man on the roof, he's been there for some while !)

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