We make covers for all narrow boat types. Our Cratch Covers are made with or without window panels and are also supplied with or without zipped roll-up entry panels.

We can also add a roll-up over a window, inside or outside, to act as a blind

Because you do the measuring and fitting yourself, you save at least 33% of the cost compared with other Cratch Cover manufacturers. You save the cost of us having to visit your boat twice.

Choice of two materials:

>> medium weight polyester/pvc;

>> and acrylic canvas;

explained on the next page, for both with and without windows.

Plain cratch cover
Plain Cratch Covers
Windowed cratch cover
Windowed Cratch Covers

Some handyman skills are required as you will need to be able to fit the studs to your Cratch board, and the lacing hooks to the cabin (& gunwale if needed).


We also make Dodgers (also called stern skirts) to order, from measurements supplied by you using a form on our Dodgers page (click on the photo below). Why pay extra for someone to visit, when a tape measure and common sense can achieve the same outcome.

You have four fabric choices including the fabrics we use for our Cratch covers if you want all the extras on your boat to match.

Dodger covers for narrowboats.

We can also copy an old "pram" cover for you.