this month's featured caravan


  • It all started when a Mr Bob Earl built his own trailer tent, then asked a local wheelwright to build him a lightweight caravan; that was in the early 1930s
  • From that, due presumably from lots of people saying "can I have one as well, please", he started manufacturing them, which he kept going until 2002. Must have been a fairly smart sort of person.
  • Never a volume manufacturer, nevertheless they sported 15 names, from Light Four through to Cosmopolitan. It seems someone copied them too, using the name of Royale, or was that just a marketing ploy?
  • Of course the outstanding, or obvious, feature of Carlights was the lantern roof, also known as clerestoried (although that term is perhaps more common with much older railway coaches). Even so, you could, apparently, specify yours without these roof lights if you wanted.
  • Build quality too was a reputation well deserved, sometimes referred to by that rather overdone phrase of "Rolls Royce of caravans"; not that it denigrates in any way from the quality of either company.
  • Surprise ! Surprise ! we do, of course, make covers for them, our most recent being for a Cassetta.
  • PS If you want us to feature the make of your caravan please let us know.