this month's featured motorbike

Yamaha Diversion XJ900

  • The Diversion is a direct descendant of the previous XJ900
  • Unlike the smaller chain final drive XJ600, both the XJ900GT and the XJ900S have a shaft final drive. Sheer bliss if you're touring
  • Even better for touring the XJ900GT has a large fairing and was supplied with panniers.
  • On the other hand if you're inclined to a sports bike, yet still want the fantastically comfortable seat to sit on for hours on end, the XJ900S would be your choice.
  • The S also has a smaller top fairing and no lower
  • There you have it, a brief intro to the Yamaha 900 Diversion, still plenty available often with low mileage, if you fancy giving one a try
  • Surprise ! Surprise ! we do, of course, make covers for them.
  • PS If you want us to feature the make and model of your bike please let us know