This month's featured tractor

Ferguson F-40

  • Harry Ferguson, renowned for his 3 point linkage invention, also designed (with his brother) and built a monoplane which first flew in December 1909.
  • In 1911 he founded a company selling various cars and Overtime Tractors
  • He saw the weakness of having tractor and plough as separate units, towing the plough like a trailer. So he devised a plough that could be rigidly attached to a Ford Model T.
  • From that development he progressed through several versions of his three-point linkage, testing it on Fordsons, ending with an hydraulic version first seen on his prototype Ferguson "Black".
  • A production version of the "Black" was introduced in 1936 and designated Ferguson Model A (made by David Brown).
  • Harry Ferguson also invented a four wheel drive system for cars, used in the Jensen Interceptor FF, some Formula 1 racing cars and some Land/Range Rovers.
  • There you have it, a brief incite to the genius of Harry Ferguson
  • Surprise ! Surprise ! we do, of course, make covers for them.
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